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Automotive Diagnostic Solutions

Innovative and Cost Effective Products

We offer the largest selection of OBDII connectors (SAE J1962), OBDII cables, and OBDII housing styles available anywhere, along with European vehicle specific diagnostic connectors, notably for pre-EOBD BMW and Porsche vehicles

We also support a number of diagnostic enthusiasts, like the ODBuni Project with our ODBuni Project Cable

Hi5 OBDII Adaptor LEFT version pictured.

Hi5 OBDII Power Adaptor


Welcome to our Hi5 OBDII adaptor. This module plugs into the OBDII port in your car and provides 5VDC at 1000mA to a female USB A type connector. Can charge any USB 2.0 compliant device while you drive, such as iPhones, iPods, Androids, MP3 players, etc. This device comes in either a Left or Right version.


**Please note that this device will NOT access your ECU-- it is designed to only connect to your vehicles power and ground.**

Custom Designs

If you require something a little more unqiue, there is a very good possibility that we can deliver what you require. With our design center in Abbotsford and off-shore production facilities, we can execute custom requirements quickly and efficiently. Some different custom products may include; OBDII Enclosures, Cabling and Interfaces. Please check out our services page or contact us if you need something specialized.