SAE 1962 Compliant

Our OBDII connectors are designed to meet or exceed the SAE J1962 as well as the ISO/DIS 15031-3 12 Volt standards. In addition, careful attention was paid to the fitting characteristics of our connectors with all vehicle makes on models. Consequently, you will not find an OBDII connector that fits better or in more vehicle makes than those that we offer This is something we guarantee! Our OBDII connectors are available in two styles: pre-loaded with Tin or Gold plated solder contacts or as a housing for crimp style contacts.

SAE J1962 Connectors for our OBDII Housings

Versatile Screw and Clip Fastened Housings

Screw Fastened Housings With a Large Internal Area

Extraordinarily Large Housings With Clip Style Fastening

Discrete, Low Profile Housings Designed for Long Term Applications

Mid-sized Housings With Clip Style Fastening

Compact Housings Designed for Wireless Applications